About Doug Leavitt

Doug Leavitt was born in Hollywood California in 1956 but has been a Texan almost all of his life. He started in the home building business in the early 80’s working for a local volume builder. In about 1992 he began building his own custom homes and has approximately 200 homes built with his name. He retired in 2000-2001 from building and he now wants to help you build your own home. Doug wants to teach you the tricks of the trade and help you build your own home with his knowledge, tips and suggestions, and save you the most amount of money as possible. He has been working to provide you with a teaching, easy, comprehensive program that will make you appear as a seasoned builder when you build you house, or teach you to be a general contractor through his program. His philosophy is Now is the best time to build! With low interest rates, building lots readily available, contractors begging for work, materials and suppliers needing more business and making deals, today is better than any other time in his building history. Give yourself a financial boost and build your own home with Doug Leavitt and his building program.

Call or Text Doug Direct at 817-291-4866